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  1. Pet Litter Bentonite Clumping Clay

      Bentonite is natural mineral comprised of Montmorillonite with good absorption capacity, swelling 15-20% times its orginal volume making it ideal to be used for cat litter. When cat urinates or defecates it swells and form natural clumping which prevents moisture from collecting on the bottom of the tray where it can decompose and cause odors. The waste generated can be scooped easily without changing the entire litter box. Faster clumping, Easy to clean and scoop with no wastage. Fine granules, Natural texture with almost no dusting. Unique formulation holds and neutralizes odour. Consumption of litter is less due to good absorption properties. Almost zero dusting prevents any harm to respiratory system of Cats & Humans. No crumbling of clumps & minimum tracking.
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